iphone 6s Baseband no service repair replace WTR3925 ic


  1. Did you, at any stage, attempt to just reflow the IC as is in place before desoldering, reballing and restoring itas in this video?

  2. Hi, nice video, will this fix a slightly different problem, the carrier is detected and sim card is detected but after a few minutes, it says no service again at the top left. I have a little USB microscope so I may try to fix myself when you say 350 degrees is that Degree C or F? Thanks.

  3. A most superb job.very clear and concise and clearly explained.keep up the great work.ste.just joined.

  4. hi sir ,6s plus shows no service i checked 2g amplifier blown no water damage ,i remove the 2g amp now 3g and 4g working no 2g signal ,i replaced 2g amp but no 2g signal what is the problem can u help any solution

  5. My son dropped his 6s plus in a pond. I opened it dried it out then put it back together and it has this "no service" issue. iOS update didn't fix it. Where can I get this wtr3925 chip service done? Chip is cheap but I cannot do this fix lol.

  6. Nice work… But i would like to ask why did u go stright to this ic other than the BB ic.. What the clew u had to plame this ic.. Thank u

  7. Thanks for the video
    I would like to ask u if the imei number and the modem firmware was there before u start work on the board?
    Thanks again

  8. This also solved a customer of mine's 6s plus no service issue, saved me hours of troubleshooting, thanks!

  9. There are many components on the board that can cause no service, how did you pinpoint the problem without poking around with the multimeter and schematic?

  10. do u wick pads all the time ? for exanple .. touch ic of iphone 6 or tristar .. do u wick this type of ic .. i am not fan of wick bu sometimes i am using it .. for example baseband i preffer to wick it

  11. nice video again … so u desolder the ic at 370c ? … tell me what is the brand of the solder pste because i use kester and it is with a lot of flux.. i dont like it very much

  12. That’s what I call a nice win for the customer. Big 👍 from me. Not seen to much of your work recently, hope you can produce more content?

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