iPhone 6S Plus Replace RAM


  1. Hello,
    actually I have MD788LL/B Ipad
    which have 16GB storage and 1 GB RAM
    Can you increase it to 4 GB RAM and 100+ GB storage?
    plz reply to me, I will be waiting your text.

  2. Make sure you find the RAM capacity for your specific processor that comes with your phone. In this case, the iPhone 6S is equipped with an Apple A9 processor that supports up to 2 GB of RAM. In other words, if you were to somehow upgrade your RAM in your iPhone 6S, it must not exceed 2 GB. If you do the battery will burn up because the CPU cannot handle that much memory, and it is straining to keep your phone running. As a result, your phone will get EXTREMELY hot and your games may stutter. It can also be a potential fire hazard. For computers, exceeding the RAM is no danger, it just won't boot.

  3. Can anyone please Shazam the song playing on the background I’ll wait here thank you

  4. do you accept repairs outside your country?my iphone 6 plus has a deffective ram.same as this.

  5. Why does it always look easy when you guys do it. I do it and it's a giant pain lol

  6. How do you remove the ram without needing to reball the cpu ?, if I rework the ram / cpu it would usually cause solder balls to push out on the cpu and the ram also, this is black magic 😀

  7. Класс! Новый телефон епта, небит-некрашен)))
    А не отвалятся ли некторые шары под процом при съеме оперативки? как по мне проще и лучше ЧПУ на это

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