iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold Unboxing!


  1. I am getting my iPhone 6s Plus for my birthday in a couple of days and I am super excited!

  2. My mom amd dad are getting me iphone 6s plus bc i did a challenge that the charger of the charger box of iphone sticks on the wall now they will buy me it sorry for my grammar and im a bit spoiled but i can control it sorry

  3. I'm finally getting a iPhone (I've had Samsung 4 two years) and im either getting a 6 or 6+

  4. Got this yesterday and the color is so pretty in person 🥰 the camera does no justice 😂

  5. I have the 6s rn but I’m getting the iPhone 6s Plus for Christmas bc it’s bigger and I need a bigger phone

  6. ❤ I'm getting my iPhone 6s Plus in ROSE GOLD in a couple of days and I'm super excited ❤

  7. So excited to get this phone on the 12/12/16 😝😝 so excited and mines pink too 😍😍 best colour ever

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