iPhone 6s Review!


  1. Still using 16gb iPhone se in 2020, and not sure storage would allow me to update to ios14.

  2. Apple leaks: iPhone 12 will be cheaper than last year’s models.
    YouTube: you still can’t afford them. Here’s an iPhone 6s review

  3. I got a 6S plus brand new last year and it still performs perfectly! I am keeping this thing until it snaps in half!

  4. I still use this phone now since its release and everything is fine. Except for the battery.

  5. I loved my iPhone 6s (my first iPhone) but this was Apple’s worst design ever 😂

  6. me watching this video just so I can feel good about my cracked iphone 7 plus

  7. Can’t believe iPhone 6s was ever a new phone, It feels like it was released a century ago

  8. YouTube suggesting me this on 2020

    I don't know if I should smile and mock YouTube


    Cry and watch YouTube mocking me

  9. The reason why the iPhone 6s is the best phone ever is because it was a success😎

  10. i love how you dont babble at the start for so long so that litterally 1/5 of the video is the actual reveiw of the phone lollll

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