iPhone 6S Rose Gold Unboxing, Setup, & Demo | 2015

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  1. iPhone 6s hands down the best phone Ive ever had. Don't @ me. PS iPhone 6s are j beautiful.

  2. Me: tries not to get caught at night with my phone.

    Her: sorry about the light

    Me: oh no it's perfect

  3. i will miss this phone i had it for two years as my first phone and battery life was short but will miss your iPhone 6S Rose Gold 16 GB. Dear, iPhone 11 Pro Max

  4. That’s why I like space gray it comes in 32G

    So you don’t have to worry about storage on 16G

    But also not worry about price on 64G

  5. Mate it’s twenty nineteen and I am asking for one for Christmas since I have and iPhone five s I cracked my phone and now I can’t do the letter p or any numbers so 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. People: who else is watching this in 2017??

    Me: I'm watching this in 2019 I'm from the future!!

  7. Do you know the future iPhone I don't but I'm hoping one update will have the update with unlimeted storage

  8. Anyone else watching this in 2019 and is getting this iphone instead of the newest one

  9. Who still has this Phone in 2019? BTW I do got it till 2020 in June stuck with it! For a YEARRRRRR

  10. I'm going to buy an iPhone 6s and I'm not sure which colour should I buy, the rose gold or the gold? At first I wanted to buy the rose gold one but I thought that it wouldn't match all the cases. Anyone that can help me with that?

  11. Who’s watching in 2019?? I’m so late. I just brought the iPhone 6s brand new from boost mobile. I brought the phone 32gb, screen protector, and a case with the phone plan for under $180.00. I use to be an android user. Now I have my first iPhone and I absolutely love it. Apple just got a new customer.

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