iPhone 7: Black or White? Matte Black vs Silver!

Should you get the iPhone 7 with a Black or White front? I go in depth with a color comparison of the new Apple Matte Black iPhone 7 and Silver iPhone 7!

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  1. The silver iPhone 7 looks like a business phone for a manager, very beautiful phone

  2. when i played on this at wallmart the white one i never noticed the black on white frame ty for showing me this though it helps me to choose wich i want when i can upgrade someday ty smile

  3. The white screen on the silver distracts me while using it, while matte black doesn’t which is why I chose it.

  4. im using black because its so sexy and beautiful 🖤 i do not like the white front because it can be easily seen broken (when its broken 😂) and it can be too shiny at the dark, which makes my eyes hurt. matte black plus ios 13 dark mode is a good sexy choice for me 🖤❤️🖤❤️

  5. I’m getting an iPhone 7 in a couple months and I really can’t decide between the silver and black. I always wanted a phone with white front but the black one looks so much sexier 😂😭

  6. I have the black iPhone 7 and if literally looks so much better in person IN MY OPINION also it’s a lot faster than the other colors due to my experience with all the colors . So in my opinion go for the black

  7. I just bought the iPhone 6s plus. My first iphone ever in 2019 but it wasnt the phone I was after. I was after the 6s ! 6splus is the last remainder iPhones being sold in China Apple stores. Even 7 and 8 are also still selling. I just viewed your 7 video. It looks the size phone I be more comfortable with. Does the 3.5 headphone adapter , loosens up easy or is is it solid in the usb port?
    I will get the Iphone 7 soon deciding either those colors silver or matt black. Good video thankssssssssss.

  8. I honestly like matte black, to me it brings out the new home button on the black model more than the silver model

  9. i bought the black one but sometimes i wish i bought the silver one instead cause both look so cool

  10. I always get space gray but I’m thinking bout getting my 1st white phone

  11. I’ve had a black phone for the longest time… time for a change for a white front

  12. Hey can anyone tell me why some iPhone 7 Plus phones have a circle camera on the back?

  13. In my opinion, the matte black looks cool but it’s proof scratch and the silver get nor scratch. However silver distract look at the faceplate screen. In this discussion im not mention abt the specs but both of them are consume battery life!

  14. I prefer with ip7 silver I love white ❤️👌🏼 one more thing is still going in 2019 📱

  15. Until I watched this video I had no problem with the black border around the screen on silver one, now I just cant get over it..Thank you very much

  16. ^ 전 아이폰 7 실버 갖고 싶어요 ㅠㅠ :
    ^ l want to ipone silver

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