iPhone 7 Plus VS iPhone 6s Plus SPEED TEST!

The iPhone 7 & 7 Plus have just released, so I decided to do a speed test between the 7 Plus and its predecessor the 6s Plus. Make sure you’re SUBSCRIBED so you don’t miss out on any on any of my future videos 😀

●iPhone 7 Plus VS iPhone 6s Plus CAMERA TEST! –
●iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 6s Plus SLOW MOTION TEST! –

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  1. ur awesome man just try to open heavy apps such as heavy games or soo and keep them in the ram to see the ram mangment on the phones u r testing

  2. Those benchmark numbers are so meaningless and also very misleading in real life side by side comparisons test that you have just done.

  3. Why am I watching this? The guy who made this video is absolutely an idiot.

  4. is it strange that i only want a iPhone 7 plus cause it is big and i can face time my friends on it?

  5. i got iphone 7 plus but i will return it tomorrow because 1st is over 800 USD while a 6s about 600 meaning when i decide to upgrade i wont lose much cash when i sell 6s plus but if i keep 7 plus its sure to go down alot when the 8 arrives

  6. My 6 Plus was stolen last weekend, so I had it replaced with insurance, and they sent me a 6s Plus (not 100% sure why)! I was pleasantly surprised. My 6 Plus wasn't unbearable by any means, but I have noticed a slight speed difference with the 6s Plus. It's a very nice phone.

  7. may Allah give me a chance to buy one of that two best phone in the world.. also work at apple factory in Indonesia🙏

  8. love that wide color gamut(P3) of iphone 7 plus.. really fine for ma eye's but, I'd keep lovin 6s plus' so smooth

  9. IPhone7 only uses his low power cores to light task! High power cores only used in games etc. to save a lot of battery.

  10. I currently have the 6s plus but can't decide whether or not I should go up to the 7 plus – has anyone done the upgrade and give me advice please

  11. come onn guys don't upgrade they're the same thing the 6splus is the best as it gets

  12. Why the white on 7 plus dim comparing to 6s plus? Are they same brightness?

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