iPhone 8: A Photographer’s Review

The iPhone X might be stealing the spotlight but the iPhone 8 is Apple’s next blockbuster phone
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My 4k camera
Surprisingly versatile (fast) lens
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On camera mic
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  1. Was looking for a video review of iphone8, then found one, and it was iphone8+. Is this a mistake in the title?

  2. I recently started a small music vlog,I have been using my iphone 7+ for my videos but now I want to upgrade to a 8+. Is that wise or should I just buy a camera?

    Note I know, nothing about editing so using a phone is easy for me. PLEASE HELP

  3. I have the ruby red iPhone 8 Plus. I refuse to buy another iPhone , and I will not ! I’m all set

  4. It is the perfect review I was searching for…great job…

  5. If you guys know jacksepticeye..pause this video go to jack's channel and see the different between his face and jack's face..its almost the same..i can still hear this "top of the morning to ya ladies"😂😂..

  6. I don't understand why people complain about the iPhone cables. I still have my original cable from my 5s back in 2013 and it still looks like new. I do take EXTREMELY good care of my electronics, but I still don't understand why people have issues with them. Every cable I have gotten from my new phones still look new even after years of use.

  7. It’s already 2020. I don’t know if there is a huge comparison with the latest os now with the iP8+ on this phone in terms of Camera.(obviously it’s the first time I get my hands on the iP8+)lol.

  8. As an aspiring photographer and planning to buy a iphone before the year end, your video help me a LOTTT super thankful you made this video!

  9. Speaking too fast, too much to process! The iPhone 8 camera is pretty bad, I was getting similar lighting and focus quality on my Moto G. Google Pixel 2/3 is hands down the best there has ever been.

  10. Thank you for this review! I still have an iPhone 6s and I’m looking into upgrading to the iPhone 8 Plus.

  11. This came up in my recommended but said “1 year ago” just because it isn’t 14 Oct 19 yet, YouTube deems this video only 1 year old??

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