iPhone 8 review

It may look like an iPhone 7, but there’s more to the iPhone 8 than meets the eye. You might even prefer it to the iPhone X, and it even has the same processor.

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  1. Nice video !
    But i love the background used for the iPhone, can you give me a link or something else for getting this background plz 🙂

  2. this thing is highly underrated. i would rather go for a silver or black

  3. Um…. does anyone else notice the iPhone is fake, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus shouldn’t have the serial number and other stuff on it

  4. My dream phone so far But i’m just worried about the battery life…
    And one question please….
    why dig Apple remove the 3D-touch and does the live wallpaper and the live photo feature
    from the iPhone 8???

  5. The iphone 8 showed in this video is fake…it had information on back side genuine iphone 8 had no information on back side only #Iphone…dont be fools lol

  6. i know its not as fast as cable but nice to see apple adding wireless charging. using it wit the beklin pad at home

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