iPhone 8 SPACE GRAY Unboxing

Apple iPhone 8 Space Grey Unboxing & First Look. Tech21 Cases ►►►

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iPhone 8 Plus UNBOXING Space Gray –
How to get FAST CHARGING on the iPhone X iPhone 8 & 8 Plus –

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  1. For those asking why this iPhone still has the FCC labels, well this is the UK version and UK still requires them. I know, it sucks!

  2. To be honest for those who bought the iPhone 8 they should’ve waited until the iPhone x came out which was only like 2 months. The iPhone x was way better so it would’ve been better if they got it

  3. Who's watching these kind of videos but can't afford it 🤔👀

  4. Well, so does the box even have a charging cable? (Edit : im blind lol)

  5. Why did my iPhone 8 not come with a dongle? I got it 5 months ago. But why???

  6. Let’s be honest I have a iPhone XR but I really prefer the iPhone 8 better

  7. I've been wanting an unboxing of this phone by a YouTuber that's not unrecognisable
    I want this phone so badly!!! 😭😄

  8. new unboxing = the fresh smell of the fresh vagina.
    i just saying the true from the bottom of my heart :V:V:V:V:V:D

  9. Imagine at the time you got your new iphone 8 and 2 months later I phone x comes out

  10. Why your iPhones have those little writtings on their backs but normally iphone 8 doesn’t have them? 🤔

  11. i recommend the mous limitless 2.0 case because it can survive a drop up to 40 feet without a scratch on concrete , also the covers are thin and sleek which doesn't ruin the look of the phone

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