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Hello there everybody, do you have an Apple iPhone 5S and are thinking of upgrading to an Apple iPhone SE? Well this video may be just what your looking for, this is a video covering the devices in a head to head comparison. The intentions of this video is to help further display through video the real world differences of the devices rather than just the technical what is on paper differences between the Apple iPhone SE and Apple iPhone 5S.

In this video we will open up the video with a boot up test which shows the speed in which the two devices get to the home screen from tapping the power buttons at the same time. Following that, we will verify that both of the phones are running the same software version (which is the current version as of this recording iOS 9.3.1 on Apple iPhone SE, and iOS 9.3.1 on Apple iPhone 5S.) Then we will do a app comparison test, browser test, multitasking switch test, and we will cap of this video talking about the differences on antutu bench-marking. In conclusion, I will give my final verdicts on how the iPhone SE performs in comparison to the iPhone 5s.

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  1. which variant sandisk flash drive 16gb,32gb,64gb,128gb suitable for iPhone se mobile is accepted please pro tell me

  2. In 2019, iPhone SE with iOS 12 is much much faster than the iOS 9.. it’s on par with iPhone 8

  3. Those 0,3s launching delays are making me really buy an 5S.. WTf its not worth that 150$ difference

  4. Or just get a 5s,get a solid color case and lie to ur friends that u got an se

  5. are the sizes, height ,width and everything the same ?? I need to know

  6. im planning to buy iphone 5s this month, should i? need help haha thanks! 🙂

  7. I just bought my iPhone 5s a week ago over the se because there all the same phone just different design and better camera

  8. Small mistake to many, but if you want to further improve your rep as a reviewer people are gonna notice. I mean zero offense; you're good, but just a bit sharper is (to freaky intense techies) a make or break presentation error (they're like super-bored hungry piranhas).

  9. When you're opening/closing several (of the same) apps, why are you holding or double pressing the button on 5s?

  10. At about 3:15(?) you didn't even give the 5s 1 second of video play. Just pointing it out because many would call that sloppy.

  11. Nick I am a big fan of your reviews….but I am a bit confused as I want to buy a secondary phone for my self and I am confused between 5S and SE ,my primary phone is Samsung galaxy s7 edge….please help me choosing one. thank you

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