It's not 3D. It's not 2D. It's 2.5D?


  1. nice video, so technically 2.5 is nothing but 2D with some tricky methods

  2. Oh yeah.. If you are so sure about why don't you touch the 3d part of the red block.

  3. Wolfenstein 3D was not 3D. Nor was it 2.5D. It was completely 2D, it simply created the illusion of 3D. 2.5D isn't a thing at all. There are just 2D games that look 3D. Facts.

  4. oh my gosh, this is one of the best videos I have seen to explain what 2.5D is.

  5. If it’s still a 3D object it doesn’t matter what shapes it’s made of. The way I remember learning 2.5d is a 2d game with 3D graphics. Like the New Super Mario Bros games.

  6. Nice video!
    My account on Khan is 21 Century Productions, l commented on ur program as well
    BTW I voted up

    U also literally said 'literally' nine times in this 3-minute video XD

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