Jon and Ygritte – Game of Thrones Odd Couples


  1. Many thanks for uploaded this video
    For me the romance between John and Ygritte its one of the best part of GoT.
    "You know nothing John Snow"

  2. When Jon rides off after killing the warg i feel like Ygritte is upset more that he left without her rather than that he was still a crow. She was willing to kill for him in the fight. Think him choosing the watch over her specifically was what hurt
    She probably would have been okay with running off together after that fight

  3. I hardly fell in love with someone as I have always been a strange confused loser.
    But, I cried till I knew they got married in real life.
    May Allaha save their marriage, keep them together and bless them to move on right path. Aamin.

  4. Jon Snow (or Kit Harrington, more precisely) couldn't help but crack a smile, two, while Ygritte made up that story of them tumbling in the haystack XD

  5. Although Ygritte was an exceptional beauty, the best part about her was how funny and lively and free she is. What a great women.

  6. At least ygritte didn't get stabbed by Jon she just got stabbed in the back (emotionally)

  7. Danerys is a bitch who controls him its a one sided relationship that has him lose his family,but with ygritte they make their own rules and they have much more fun and I loooooovvve their sex talk!!!!

  8. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. So much better than him and Dany.

  9. i'm not usually a fan of like, on-screen romances or whatever but i'm a sucker for this

  10. everyone: jon snow knows nothing…

    Jon: i invented mouth sex

    everyone: pikachu face

  11. What would have happened if ygritte lived!? Would things go out differently?

  12. Jon Snow and Ygritte 4ever

    You are mine as I am yours.

    If we die, we die.

    But first we'll live. 😍

  13. I can’t remember if Jon ever mentions being saved by direwolves at the farmer’s house ? If not, that’s a good example of a plothole not affecting the overall story cause we’re still being served. This is not the case for later seasons.

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