Jon Snow and Ygritte – You know nothing, Jon Snow


  1. She knew she could say whatever she wanted to him just to annoy him because she knew he wouldn't hurt her XDD

  2. "Turn back around"
    "and I thought that we were done but he said TuRn bAcK aRoUnD"

  3. She's right. Jon, you know nothing. The Bible talks about you destroying homes. You neglect your duties and create new obligations. Fake fathers. Too immature to get an occupation.

  4. "You could be free too." I didn't really like Season 8, but judging by the expression on Jon's face during their conversation about freedom, I suppose banishment to the Night's Watch, and a subsequent life beyond the wall, is an ok outcome for him. Perhaps it's what he was seeking all along.

  5. English:,, You know nothing, Jon Snow."
    Germany:,, Du weisst nichts, Jon Schnee."
    Hungarian:,, Nem tudsz te semmit havas Jon."

  6. From this to « it’s cold up here for a southern girl »……..bye (also watching this knowing they’re married is simply the best thing about GOT)

  7. Ygritte is too indecisive for my taste. She can be with Jon or against him but she can't have both.

  8. Omfg Looking back on earlier episodes I almost forgot how hilarious Ygritte was. 😂 Sucks she’s gone now

  9. Not even a diehard fan of GOT. I merely caught this very episode by accident while channel surfing, but even I NOTICED clearly that the two characters had genuine serious chemistry here (and I RARELY ever complement onscreen couples)! That is why I was not surprised at all when I found out the two actors got married in real life years later… 😁

  10. Slept outside in freezing weather all night and doesn't even have to pee.

  11. You have sheep at the wall😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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