Jon Snow betrays Ygritte – Game of Thrones S03E09

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  1. I just came here after reading the book scene, spoiler below:

    After reading Jon's chapter, I still don't know whether Jojen pushed Bran to warg on Summer or not, but Summer did save Jon and got him a chance to flee from these wildlings. Tormund was never there, just the Magnar on charge with some Thenns. When the Magnar commands Jon to kill the old man he refuse by saying that the Magnar cannot order the free folk, only the Thenns. He later says Jon is a crow and Ygritte his Crow Wife. Ygritte angrily denies it and in fury she brings out her knife and slay the old man. Then there was a chaos due to rain and heavy thunderstorm, running and chasing and killing. And Bran's direwolf Summer (actually Bran himself) kill the Thenns and while Jon was fleeing with the Old Man's horse, Ygritte shot an arrow to his leg but never reach to him. After that Jon had a very hard time pulling the heavy arrow off of his leg, but he finally rode back to Castle Black with all his strength.

    The point of writing all the story here is I loved the book scene more than the show one. Before reading the novels I always thought GoT S1-4 > GoT S5-8 (which is still relevant for show watchers but as I have started to read the actual thing, now to me, Books > GoT S1-4 > GoT S5-8.) 🤷🏻‍♀️ Though it's still a delight to rewatch this amazing scene of season three. ❤️

  2. I didn't see any "betrayal" of Ygritte here. Smh I see a man protecting his woman then running for his fucking life.

  3. Just noticed Jon knocking Ygritte down, stopping her from shooting the Wildling. Even stuck between a rock and a hard place, he still protects her.

  4. It's weird when I watch old scenes and I have no idea what was going on because it was so long ago in the show.

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