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Julia Hardy – Girl Got Game
Julia Hardy is a radio and television presenter, writer, and live host specialising in technology, video games, YouTube and anything to do with the online self.

For those who don’t know, gaming is the most watched form of entertainment on YouTube. People are building careers as millions watch them stream sessions of Call of Duty, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. In Korea, thousands gather to watch eSports tournaments where gamers have rockstar status. What was originally a hobby is now a rising beast of an industry. In 2013, just its first three days after release, Grand Theft Auto 5 made over $1 billion in sales. That years big summer blockbuster, Iron Man 3, brought in a mere $372 million in its first weekend.

Today’s guest, Julia Hardy is a games journalist and presenter who’s worked for the likes of Radio One, Sky News and SBTV. She’s a champion for the cause in a world that often doesn’t give gaming the credit it deserves as the future of entertainment. She’s also a passionate voice for respect within the gaming industry. She’s animated, honest and, most of all, real about some of the challenges facing her both career wise and in her personal life. This is one of the best, tune in and enjoy!

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  1. I never understood why video games got so much hate lol. it's a form of entertainment. some people do drugs for entertainment, some people party, some people sell drugs, are part of gangs, read, or hike. it's all in part of what you like to do, that doesn't make it wrong. just cause you don't like video games don't knock ppl that do

  2. i really really like her….. she's absolutely smart, beautiful, British and a born and bred gamer by the looks of it 🙂 and she wants to bring more people to the dark side… she's the perfect package lol.

  3. Holy shit. @LondonReal, hate to brake it to you but just because you don't see Windows Phones in your everyday life is pretty much the worst circumstantial evidence I could imagine as just the potential phone sales, or even throw in all the PC sales included, represent a quite a small pie of the pie that is Microsoft. You are saying how Microsoft is "unable to reinvent itself" (or what ever it was) and is slowly dying – In just the first month of Windows 10 availability it surpassed the total of OS X devices and passed the total total number of iPhones sold. Azure is growing multitudes faster than AWS is year-over-year, and is set to surpass it in the coming years (and is also predicted to surpass $20 billion in a year or two). The company is the market leader in AI platforms (race where Google is just now entering). All-in-all, it has 16 separate billion dollar businesses (which in 2010 was just 8), it's making record bank, stock value racing past the "glory days of '90s". You got to well and truly uninformed to say that it is a dying company. Or what it is that I am missing here?

  4. so is london real ran buy an american guy? That was my first thought? I like the content but isn't it a touch conflicting (and yeah its the 1st time I tripped across this channel)

  5. Although I have to agree about the music industry wrecking itself I have to say that the same applies to the gaming industry. Not only I but many, many people who are interested in this predict that in the next couple of years it's very possible to experience another devastating crash in the gaming industry like in the early 80s but worse because – let's face it – gaming nowadays is definitely much, much more popular than in the 80s hence the repercussions of a crash will be magnified by a lot.

  6. The Last of Us is an incredible game. I still return to it even though I finished it a few weeks ago.

  7. Brian your interview style is so dead on, I always enjoy your questions and the direction that you take each interview, I know you don't read the comments but keep it going man

  8. Love the show Brian!! I'm a strong believer of London Real. One suggestion on the audio level. I noticed that your opening outdoor levels tend to be lower than the interviews. Would love to see Tony Robbins or even Obama on your show one day. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  9. Please. Oh dear. I tried hard up until 5 sixths of the way through to keep an open mind. I mean you tried to tackle DMT, psychedelics… I just see this as a massive condescension in that vein. I understand the girl is hot and bubbly and passionate about code writers, but I really thought you guys delved deeper…

  10. Basically, gaming is instant gratification for people who are too lazy to put in the years of blood sweat and tears it takes to become a master at something.  "But i'm good at gaming" jog on, your good at nothing of any value to anybody except yourself.  But "Life's a bit rubbish and confusing" LOL, So rather than tackle life head on and get stuck in to the 'good' and 'bad' lets instead develop an avoidant mindset to ANY sort of discomfort by playing a fucking game to distract ourselves from 'LIFE' then end up socially underdeveloped. Yeh, brilliant.

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