Killer Halloween Recipes and Decorations


  1. Happy Halloween everyone! Hope y'all are doing OK and being safe from the COVID19 Pandemic this year in 2020! 💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃

  2. Actually Halloween cake recipe:
    2 vampire teeths (instead of eggs)
    ¾ cups of fresh blood (instead of milk)
    3 tbsp of melted brains (instead of butter)
    ½ cups of all purpose human hand ( instead of all purpose flour)
    ¼ cups of white eyes instead of white sugar)
    *Give it a good mix with a vampire hand*(instead of a spoon)
    Then bake it on a draculla's mouth (instead of an oven)
    take it out After baking for 15 mins

    Now frost it with some dog vomit
    And woala
    The Halloween cake is ready to go on your mouth!!!!

    Actually throw it in the dust bin afterwards😅

  3. Mom: Hey! So how will you be decorating your house this Halloween?

    Me: ……

    * C H I C K E N W I R E D G H O S T*

  4. For the punch with the ice hands, you can find lychees at Asian markets and maybe at H.E.B

  5. I love 💕 the ideas and thank you 🙏 for the recipe. Think I love big food cooking by this Saturday night 😋😍😍

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