Korean Board Game Cafe

We go to a board game cafe on a Friday night and play board games. SO WHAT?! You think you’re cooler than us? What: you go all dancing at cool clubs with celebrities and supermodels and what not? We don’t currrr. We play board games at board game cafes. That’s where the REAL cool people go to party on a Friday night! Right? Right??

*runs away in shame*

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  1. When you are looking for a part time job or full time job, I do not recommend young Korean people to work at board cafe advertised on albamon or albachunguk. You will learn illegal gambling society.
    I do not recommend foreigners to watch Korean movie called tazza 1 2 3. The common theme of three movie demonstrated revenge, murder, violent crime . Main characters gamble korean poker in Busan , Gangnam , and Chung Chung Do. It is tragic that young people go to board cafe and lose their soul into gambling addiction.

  2. According to one dealer comment, he or she saw some celebrities play card at hotel or board cafe. I can not write his or her name because of the law.

  3. How the hands shake after balloon pop while trying to connect four and feel safe again.

  4. 4 years later I still remember this video you guys made in Korea and now I'm in college and I'm doing a project about making a startup business and our group decided to do one of a game cafe and I thought of this video!!! 😀 Thanks guys for the awesome content hehe

  5. In a board game cafe near my office, it's only 100 unlimited play time per person

  6. so cute i remember going through all of these the first time i found you guys

  7. You should do Ticket to Ride or Cards Against Humanity with your EYK/EYS crew, whether at a game cafe or at your house. Seriously, I wish they had game cafes in the USA; it's like going to a nerdy club gathering whenever you want instead of just once a week or once a month.

  8. Theres cafe's of everything from cosplay to board games . . . . ya know someday theres going to be a Damn Daniel/Vines cafe . . . ._.

  9. What's with those hammers lol I always see them in variety shows😂

  10. OMYGOSH am I the only person who thinks Ryan looks EXTREMELY like Sebastian Vettel?!

  11. We have one of these game cafes in my city now!! XD it's so fun!! $5 we can stay as long as we want and play any game from the game library!! AND they have food and drinks served there that gets added to your tab later ^^

  12. I must say my daughter and I play the balloon game almost every weekend. She loves it, for whatever reason. I wonder if they sell alcoholic drinks at this cafe. I think that would make it wayyy more competitive.

  13. OMG I totally jumped when you played the king pirate game…LMAO!!!

  14. Lmao, the balloon game is evil!  Honestly – I hate the sound of popping balloons too, Simon, but that game would have me cringing behind my girlfriend!

  15. it feels like simon and martina's friend had a lot of hostility during that hammer game

  16. Pop up pirate ♥ i remember that as a kid =) wonder if the cafe has buckaroo (well korean named version of it).

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