Kung Fu Panda World Gameplay Footage


  1. these fight sequences were SO COOL i loved playing this game

  2. this was truelly a game made with so much heart and passion, the amount of lore added would feed any fans curiosity of the kung fu panda world. Geez I wish I could go back in time to relive this

  3. I remember designing my home and putting down a green yin/yang rug
    I played as a female panda and then made a secondary character as a tigress. I chatted with people and mostly played the maze game and did player battles. But not that many people ever wanted to battle really. 🙂

  4. Thank you for uploading these gameplay videos. It's all we have left for some of these games now 😢

  5. God I still miss this and Pet Pet Park so much it hurts 😭😭😭😭
    At least Club Penguin had a way where people took the source code and recreated it. So it's still playable (and free membership!) If only it was possible with KFPWO and PPP. 😢😢😥

  6. I remember playing is online world. Its was so much fun. I wish it was not cancelled

  7. @lorelei7801 that's easy. just type in kung fu panda dot com or kung fu panda world dot com and pick your favorite playable animal girl or boy. edit it on the right when you play and that's it but they won't let you just pick any name you want. which is a bit of a challenge :l ! ! ! ! !

  8. im 10 years old i will try it but it cant i come from europe and i cant play it im in a unsoported region 🙁 pls how can i polay it!!! srry for bad english

  9. @Alafran75 no you idiot this was a real online game but 4 sum reason it isnt up anymore. believe me i played it before

  10. @Leafshinoby what do ya mean?..you can be a panda character but not use a REAL one as a puppet XD

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