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Kurulus Osman episode 15 English subtitles Full HD.
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Credit: Emel Serife Yilmaz
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  1. I really dont get this tbh… Its historical series… Based on true story… Thats how real Osman was…
    Yes.. they do change few things in series but you cant be 100% perfect and exact same.. come on guys…
    He is not making it up… He is showing us how Osman was…

  2. Ertaghul's character has immense resemblance of valiant warrior but Osman looks more good while doing romantic characters. His scenes with Bala Gatun are making more interesting than him fighting and plotting against enemies.

  3. Osman is good at his level.. dont compare him with ertugrul… everyone has their own way of carryingng things dont be judgemental guys.. both are best at there levels

  4. i imagine the old characters in erthugrul doing this right now ….. the old character in that age fighting like this ….. thts never possible ……

  5. YA rabbul alamin, send more, bamsi, turgut, Abdurrahman, samsa, all of lions fighters of yours with same spirit of faith, ya rabbul alamin help us against this all evildoers and safeguard our iman and give us understanding of the truth Ameen. (gulam kamil Chowdhury from UK)

  6. YA rabbul alamin send more osman to rescue mankind from the all evildoers, ya Almighty Lord Allah. (gulam kamil Chowdhury from UK)

  7. Osman showing again stupidity and less brain by scriptwriter. Going in the range of enemies without any preparation..WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK

  8. Omg!!!people plz stop comparing burak ozcivit and Engin altan acting they are not twins they are two different actors.Burak ozcivit has its own style of acting he’s not going to copy Engin altan’s acting!!And if you do a little search on google Burak ozcivit is the most famous and top 5 best actors of Turkey.He is way more famous than Engin I’m not saying that because I hate Engin I love Engin altan and his acting but it’s not really right to compare the two actors,and plz tell me any better option for Osman instead of Burak ozcivit!.And I don’t know why people are saying that Osman is shown dumb in the series well that’s how his character is shown I don’t know why people don’t understand!!if you have watched Ertugrul season 1 and 2 he was also like Osman,he didn’t use to think before his act he was just “hyper”like Osman especially in season 1,and Osman is gonna learn how to act maturely and is gonna learn politics just like ertugrul.And that’s what edebali wants Osman to learn to be patient don’t be “hyper”.And you’re talking that Osman hit konur alp that’s beacuse he is young, and we all have that kind of bond with our brothers like to hit each other and btw Ertugrul hit samsa alp once.i hope that clarifies all your problems✌🏻

  9. I dont know why. But i really like bamsi bey. He have good heart 🤩 n always support osman to be good leader

  10. One shouldn't waste the time with words when your enemy is at your mercy……this is turning out to be Ekta Kapoor TV serial…………dragging dragging and dragging…..

  11. Burak is not suitable for this character…Engin Altan did a fantastic job as Ertugrul. Great acting and face expression as per scenario .. Look at Osman same reaction lol

  12. I love the gunduz character the love for his siblings were like the end
    He love so much that he can't see his brother harmed

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