Long Vo Coloring Cammie [COPIC markers]


  1. i haven't seen any other fighters such as Fei-Long, Balrog, M. Bison, Zangielf or any others drawn by Long Vo.

  2. Not only the Scar Mark on the leg is missing but the logo on the cap is missing as well.

  3. Just want to point out you're putting Long Vo's Instagram name wrong. It isn't volstalgic, it's vostalgic…

  4. Your shading is so awesome. I can't wait to test out Copic Markers. Do you have a favorite kind of paper to use these with?

  5. I'm just getting my sketch game decent…coloring is a whole 'nother monster for me lol and ladies/women… This dope! Copic Markers huh? How many to a set?

  6. Love Long Vo's work how did he do the pencil and inking? As for copic markers which ones did he use and including the skin tone?

  7. You know the bits where they don't colour in completely, is that a technique done on purpose or is it an honest mistake and they just forget?

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