[Lucifer Wedding Game Episode 6] Monster Strike the Animation Official (English Sub) [Full HD]

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[Episode 7] And the Bell Tolls

[Episode 6] Covenant’s Kiss
-Let me feel more of who you are! –
Lucifer, enraged by seeing her friends turned to stone, finally confronts Keter and his twisted affections! With the strength she’s gained from her training, Lucifer unleashes a torrent of blows on the Decemvir, but…!
■ Cast
Yoko Hikasa (as Lucifer)
Mikako Komatsu (as Uriel)
Rina Hidaka (as Gabriel)
Ayaka Asai (as Michael)
Kiyono Yasuno (as Raphael)
Yuka Iguchi (as Metatron)
Kana Asumi (as Sandalphon)
Ryutaro Okiayu (as Keter)
Yui Horie (as Binah)
Show Hayami (as Da’at)
Sayaka Sembongi (as Zadkiel)
Manami Numakura (as Camael)
Reina Ueda (as Ramiel)
Yui Ishikawa (as Xaphan)
Natsumi Fujiwara (as Surgat)
Minami Shinoda (as Elijah)
Natsumi Fujiwara (as Joel)
Mayu Mineda (as Oranais)

■ Production
Director: Yudai Yamaguchi
CGI Director: Hiroki Togo
Series Editing: Masaya Honda
Anime Planner: Masami Mineno
Supervisor: Eiji Sumida
Character Design: GIBACHAN, Yuho Yamagishi, Shigeo Niwa
Art Director: Hiromi Hayashi
Music: Masaru Yokoyama
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Animation: Dynamo Pictures, Inc.
Executive Producer: Yohei Suzuki
Production: XFLAG STUDIO

Theme Song:
Lyrics: w-shun
Arrangement: Being, Inc.

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  1. The fight scenes are lit and very smooth. The art designs are gorgeous and well rendered. I wonder if this kind of animation method applied to Dragonball, Naruto, My Hero, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Fate etc would click with you guys?

  2. OMG profiting #D animation is never done so perfectly, I am starting to want more 3d action anime rather than 2D

  3. Keter….when your dungeon is up i'll destroy you like there is no tomorrow. i'll avenge the 10 Archangels waifu….

    but for real, iirc Keter will be Light Impossible. i'll laugh if his dungeon is Lucy's Trans playground, My Lucys are so ready for that xD

  4. So this is what it looks like when the bad guy goes from crazy to totally insane.

  5. ´´Is took late to go help her´´
    Wtf? Supposedly the entirely previous arc was to bring a weapon of mass destruction and they can´t even use now?

  6. Anyways . Here guys you can see how bad you by if you drinking alcohol! Or give it to you're monster! So by carefully! And on the Last moment you can see how Keter had mouth jaws like IT Is film!!!

  7. He took the “power of love” powerup to the next level and in a very twisted way.

  8. Awy guys who's loves Lucifery and he have it on the game too!! Just don't worry ! This Lucifer on the anime she's not Lucifer like youres. That's mean you're Lucifery she's better then her and another one!

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