Madden NFL 20 Franchise Ep 57 | Trap Game??? | Y3 Game 13 vs PIT

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Welcome to the Cincinnati Bengals franchise!!! This will be an uphill battle all season long, as we look to overcome the toughest division in football, the AFC North, with the Zac Taylor led Bengals. Taylor, a disciple of Sean McVay, looks to carry some of McVay’s play calling philosophy over to help QB Andy Dalton the same way that McVay has helped Jared Goff. This team has promise, led by aging stars WR AJ Green and DT Geno Atkins, along with up and coming playmakers such as RB Joe Mixon, WRs Tyler Boyd and John Ross, CB William Jackson III, FS Jessie Bates, and Pass Rusher Carl Lawson. However, despite the talent in these spots, there are plenty of holes. The Offensive Line is one of the worst in football after rookie first round LT Jonah Williams was lost due to injury before the season began. The Linebacking Corps is incredibly thin and slow, and looks to be an area for us to target moving forward. The big question comes at QB. Is Andy Dalton the answer here in Cincy, or is it time to move on? It is a make or break year for Dalton, as every single decision and throw will be highly scrutinized by every inside and outside the building. Join me on this exciting journey to turning around the Bengals, as we look to win our first playoff game in over 2 decades!!!

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  1. Love ya Swam, and love this series. Can’t wait to see who you pick for Madden 21 (hopefully the Falcons 😉)

  2. There was 10 penalties on that drive all on the Bengals offense and what happened to the Illinois tech wolfpack dynasty?

  3. This game had that “Texans vs. Chiefs” in the playoffs type beat to it.

  4. IRL this would've been the biggest comeback win in Bengals history. They have two wins after trailing by 21, including the one I mentioned last time where they were outgained by over 100 and lost the turnover battle (Vikings '95). This also would've been just the third win in franchise history with a turnover margin of -3 or worse. Not sure if winning like this is sustainable.

  5. The pass rush needs to be better. Somebody needs to display some moves other than a straight bull rush. Even on that last play it took 7 seconds for Atkins to finally get the sack.


  7. I don't think it was a poor decision at all to go for the end zone at the end of the half. It would've been a 60-plus yard FG attempt and if it's a miss the Steelers have one more play.

  8. Rocco's first half up until the end shows that in today's NFL completion percentage is meaningless, and it's yards per attempt that really matters more than anything.

  9. 13:44 I REALLY don't like how that play counts as a pass instead of a run. It doesn't look like a pass, it looks like a handoff. It's always bothered me. 😠

  10. 11:08 Swami must have a bad back from having to carry his ginormous balls around all the time 😳😳😳The sad part is, Boyd got the first down before the game decided he'd fumble.

  11. The joke's on the Steelers. They think they've got the #1 pick sewn up but somebody forgot to tell them there won't be a draft, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😈

  12. I watched the premiere and I still can't believe what happened 😲😲😲

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