Modern Web Game Development (Google I/O'19)

HTML5 has now reached a point where game developers can create compelling experiences through technologies such as WebAssembly, WebGL and Web Audio. This session will explore the state of modern web game development including the best practices for building, designing, monetizing and improving the discoverability of games on the open web.

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Speaker(s): Tom Greenaway



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  1. What is Emscripten? Is it necessary to learn how to use it? Or is it okay to start off learning Project Tiny on Unity? Or is it better to design a game in Construct?

    10:09 Web Audio development. Web Audio API. Audio Worklet API. Sonic Boom Audio Programming.

  2. Construct is a really great engine. The only problem with C2 was that they emphasized HTML canvas usage and the WebGL implementation was an afterthought. Hopefully that's changed.

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