Monster Strike #1 Gameplay & My First Golden 10 Shot

I’ve installed the english version of this game since a week ago, and finally i managed to get my first 50 gems from quests bonuses. So i was trying to do a 10 golden shot (rare summon) in this video. And this is actually my first one. Can i get anything good from the pulls? Find out more in the video. Enjoy! 😀

How to download the game :
1. iOS : login/create American iTunes account, download from appstore.
2. Android : for non American user, you can download it via QooApp.
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  1. Add me 435-893-256-886. I have evolved Lucifer and ascended Odin☺

  2. i wanted to see him FREAK. OUT. about the Pinnochio charracter….hes really….disturbing.

  3. Hey Ushi, why did you stop making Monster Strike videos?

  4. The English version is so downgraded
    The original Japanese is waaaaay better

  5. I have been re-rolling for an Hour and I got Sanada Yukimura!!! YAY 😀

  6. Can someone help me? I just cant seem to get this app in english i live in europe

  7. I'd love to play with you. Please let me know if you'd like to play, or need a Line room 

  8. Upload more videos about this, Ushi. I love to watch because I'm playing it too. Thanks ^^

  9. Ushi wats ur id on monster strike I wanna add u plz 😀 I play on english version

  10. Hey Ushi could you do a tutorial video for understanding the game in Japan version? I can't find the English version so I'm playing the Japan one, but I don't understand everything. I also don't really wanna give up the Japan account cause I got a good 5 star monster from there. Thanks!

  11. There's another game with this/BF/Puzzle and Dragon formula but it's coin based. Anyone know the name? Also kinda surprised Ushi doesn't play PaD, that's what got me into BF.

  12. Hey Ushi if you ever see this comment I recommend playing "Soccer Spirits". This game is similar to BF. You summon players from 3 stars to 5 stars. Some even have extreme evolutions which are 7 stars. Have nice art and suprisenly good voice acting. Theres arena for pvp and even a colisiums which is like trials like on bf were you need a sertain strategy team. I have 5 7 stars and i get my butt handed in there lol. Good under the radar game, its from korea i belive. You should check it out if you like. 😛

  13. Am I the only one that thinks the 6th summon looked like Eriole from BF? 😛

  14. @Ushi Gaming Channel hmm thx ushi the info on how to download , so about japen version whats the name for it? Because im going download both english and japen 😀

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