Monster Strike: Episode 1 Tutorial

This is my first episode of monster strike. This episode contains the tutorial for you guys to see! I love this game and been playing it for about 2 weeks now! I have a bunch of episodes prerecorded so it will take about 2 weeks till we start to catch up.



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Brave English Id: 29744625
Brave Jap Id: 61803241

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  1. Does anyone know where to find this game for Andriod? I clicked the link in the desc but it said 'Item not found.'

  2. 日本版のモンスターストライクは見たことありますか?
    have you ever seen Japan edition?
    I can't speak English well 🙂

  3. thats weird when i downloaded monster steike i did not get to get a starter monster i got it in 2017

  4. I suggest you use a complete dark team as it seems from my experience thry have some of the more common and better units. A unit named Aiven seems to be one if the More common monsters from the rare hatcher. Aiven has amazing speed and moderate damage/speed

  5. If you want to add me you can I have the best monster in the game she's pretty much the maxwell of this game there's 3 others after her currently in this game so you won't be able to attempt any harder dungeon in co-op until you get better 970314154977 that's my friend code if you want to join a boss line group to do co-op let me know I can invite you just be warned they talk a lot an game request sometimes go on 24/7 so you wanna turn off notification if your not gonna play so you won't be bothered by everyone else but let me know I'll accept you once you add me an I'm in game (FYI its OK to fuse your morlings you'll get many more its no limit

  6. If you would Could you Please Add Me? I have Izanami and Napoleon: Friend Code is 083,218,620,366

  7. This Game is Amazing, Glad you are Starting up a New Series ^_^

  8. The unit you got dabears is meh top tier I Arthur, wildcat, Zeus and more. (there be a chart)

  9. Can you show how you downloaded it? Because I can't and I'm using android and it said the game is from another country

  10. Pretty much better in any way shape of form than gayfrontier.

  11. Last year I wasn't able to play BF so I came across this game. Pretty good. Add me if you want to. 940,543,187,587

  12. This looks like fun. Does anybody know if there are different servers outside of japan, like brave frontier has global and EU?

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