Monster Strike (JP) – 6th Anniversary Thank You Hatcher


  1. Did a 4 player pull with my girlfriend and her brother and the best thing we got was Gabby! My girlfriend was so damn excited!! :3 In tears almost!

  2. Looks like the "HAT" is back to give luck for this "HAT-cher", eh?

    I'll see myself out.

  3. i don't feel it is boring. I like you and analyze each monster. love it

  4. Hi man, I’ve been getting this issue every time I open up monster strike on my iPhone. I get this update that’s +1000 mb and it’s starting to affect my daily gaming on ms. Is there anything I can do?

  5. This year I got Moses, Grungir, and Solomon. Not bad at all. Previous year was much rougher with Xavier, Zeus, and Perry. With Perry seeing the most usage.

  6. That's why it's good to roll one look if it had the one you wanted then before selecting one rolled the other and then look at what you want and so on and so on, you could from the second roll get other character and then select yoshida from the third… but oh well not the worst rolls.

  7. I could only pull from two accounts and i desperately need wood units just in general so i ended up pulling ibraki and gabby

  8. I got a second Goemon, second Sanada, Inuzuka Shino and Mundus. Pretty happy with it

  9. Pulled wood four times for Tutankhamen or Gabriel but got Robin Hood instead. Can’t complain though, I’ve never gotten so much great free stuff from a game before. Love xflag

  10. I've been looking for alice forever too qq

    Elemental Limited units are the bane of me

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