Monster Strike (JP) – To-Do List for Beginners Version 10.2


  1. you don't need anything special for monpass on android — you just do the iap as you would for any app that you can normally get from the US play store, and the currency conversion is automatically done.

  2. I had no idea there was a Monsterstrike anime…I think I'll watch it, but only cuz you're a fan and content creator for it.

  3. Is there a way to download MS for IOS? I’m having trouble with the app store after changing regions and bypassing the credit card stuff 😔 I want to try and get started for the Sailor Moon collab

  4. Hi i have two noob questions, even though i played na. 1: if you have a genius ableberry on a monster, do that monster need to be the leader for it to work?
    2: i just bought mon pass, how do i use the monthly free transcend?

    And thanks for a great channel!

  5. Slash may also be a good choice for a beginner's max luck because of his bump combo buff to a lock-on one-way laser.

  6. Cabbage thanks for all the tips! I've been playing for awhile now, but I've been feeling stuck for awhile so this is a good reminder.

  7. My girlfriend and I just purchased the MonPass! Do we get our free energy refills after the day resets? Also what about the free ascention??

  8. i dont get why Monster strike just doesn't add an "english" option

  9. I just got Ganesha form mondama. May I ask which version are you referring to? I assumed it's ascension as he has blast sub bumb which is good like Loki?

  10. I just download this game an hour ago..such luck you posted this video an hour ago..I really need help with this game..since I don't understand japanese..about what beginners should do or what to get..coz the MS wiki didnt help that much

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