NEW Apple iPhone X Unboxing and Setup (HD)

Watch my latest video:
An unboxing and setup of the brand new Apple iPhone X Space Grey 256g model. I also compare it with the old iphone 7 and conduct a startup time comparison and side by side camera test.

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  1. I've had this phone for 3 years and experienced screen issues twice. First time was at year 2 (screen glitch) and after fixing it, a year later (ghost touch). Warning to all: don't buy this phone.

  2. “I’m pretty sure no one in the history of the world has done that” 😂thanks so much for the video because I’m getting the x for my birthday in 2 weeks! 😂😂

  3. 2020 I have IPHONE 6 I really want this phone so bad

  4. The iPhone comes with a wall charging adapter phew what a relief my wall’s battery was running low😂😂😂

  5. Has anyone else noticed that the speaker grille on the X is smaller than the one on the iPhone 7 and 8?

  6. Why'd you cut the plastic off when it had the tab to peel it off? 😂 Thats a "you played yourself moment"😂🤦‍♀️

  7. Really cool and btw the phone is really cool to especially how you show it to us it’s like we are being introduced by Apple, you are very professional

  8. Im going to be 10 years old and with the iphone x not trying to brag

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