New build w/MSI B250 Gaming Pro Carbon and G.Skill RGB TridentZ

Did this setup for a mini project.
Rig specs consist of:
B250 Gaming Pro Carbon w/Phanteks RGB LED strip
G.Skill RGB Trident 2400MHz 16GB kit
A-Data SU800 512GB SSD
MSI GTX1060 Armor 3G OCv1
Xigmatek Vector 650W 80+ Gold
Sharkoon DG7000 tempered glass casing w/red interior
Win 10 Home

The idea of the build was based on:
Decent budget
1080p performance
More memory and SSD space
Big portion was on aesthetics.

LEDs were configured using MSI Gaming APP
And G.skill’s beta software was released after this video was completed.

——Music by ArtisansBeats:——


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  1. so i am bing this i need to no waz it hard for u put windows on it i cuz not on one norad other week framwere packs streem lining drver need be dun

    but i wood like u to set me up with window no win key i can do that but i rilly lile a copy of a partshon on dvd so i can just idk evwin

    what ever is the ex ist i stall way u no that u can help me whith i can sand assh thow paypal if u help me but i dk if i shuld get g1 gigbet gaming or msi gaming b270i

  2. did the ram sync with mystic light or did you just end up using the g skill software?

  3. the ram sticks are running in single channel config, and its a dual channel kit, you sir are a dumbass

  4. i plan on building the same pc. anyway i can email you if I have issues with the first boot?

  5. I cant get the gaming app to work, it always says "Please install or update intel ME driver version." Do you know how to fix this?

  6. Which software do you use to configure the lighting ? Does the software work flawlessly or is it buggy ? Thanks

  7. i got mine today.. but I forgot to tell is this msi b250 carbon just release this year? can someone answer cant find any review of this.

  8. hello sir what animation is that i brought msi b250 pro carbon but the only animation is breathing, flashing , double flashing , and random

  9. Can you please add a Link or the name of the led rgb strip you put in the right corner?

  10. When you post videos like this the correct thing to do is a tutorial on how you got it to work not just show it working.

  11. I bought the MSI B250 Pro Gaming today with an Asus Strix GTX 1060 6gb oc
    But I can't find any reviews for the motherboard, is it good or what?

  12. boss ask ko lang .. nka B250 pro carbon din ako. pero hindi ko masync ung Geil Evo X ko

  13. Andy C please buy thermaltake view 27 case and set your gpu vertical and this will be perfect rig

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