[NEW WORLD RECORD] Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Speedrun in 1:11:32!

After 2 years, I was finally able to break my old world record. But I didn’t just break it. I SMASHED IT.

In the previous world record of 1:19, I only manipulated two or three shrines, and the remainder of the mages were luck based. Plus, I also fought Seto 2 and did the Final 6. This run aims to manipulate all 5 shrines in a row, skip Seto 2 and do the Final 7 instead, saving TONS of time.

This run was very, very good. But I’m FAR from done yet. Sub 1:10, here I come! — Watch live at

Nguồn: https://openworldleague.org/

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  1. 1:08:25 this guy actually summon 3 head blue eyes with 4500 attack on 1st turn, and summon another 4500 on next turn WTF. I have no idea how to beat him

  2. I think Seto 3rd is even harder than Nitemare. He plays his ultimate dragon more often and always has feather duster at hand.

  3. I remember i had two memory cards so id start a game on both and trade all the good cards to the other memory card, reset and keep doing that until i got all good cards for attack defending and fusion

  4. how does it work? I mean, you got 2 meteor dragons really fast, and heishin didn't even play the strong cards

  5. Why wouldn’t you leave the MBD in attack mode face down and let the mages attack and lose their card instead of face up on attack? I’m no pro, I’m genuinely curious. Wouldn’t that help you pass the match faster?

  6. Duelist of the Roses is such a legendary and underrated game. I always sucked ass at this game. Lol

  7. why have soo many dragons and thunder cards in the starting deck? why received meteor b dragon 3 times in arrow? man no chance, HOW?

  8. when I was a kid I literally thought this game was entirely set in ancient egypt, fml

  9. I dont understand speedruns of this game @[email protected] how do you just have a 3.500 atk monster in your deck? When I start the game I get nothing like that xD

  10. I played against Heishin 1st so many times and he never gave me the Black Meteor Dragon, I dont know Rick…. it looks fake to me

  11. It looks fake, you cannot have black meteor dragon in 3 duels with heishin, the game has been cheated clearly, ask to an expert of konami

  12. This was so cool to watch. I have no idea what this stuff means, but this just played out like a classic yugioh episode, believe in the heart of the cards and all that jazz.

  13. are you playing on emu? cuz im trying to download it lol and no one has an ok way to set up a or vid. and or it straight up doesnt work. if someone can help would be awesome or direct me somewhere.

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