Nintendo 3DS Site To Download .CIA Games


  1. hey im not those stupid bots but i PROMISE that this is a good site for cia's wbfs and other stuff please its real its called (not .com not redirects adblocker allowed

  2. Can someone tell me the link for the 3ds cia like this dude use…

  3. I tried to use ziperto to download cia files but it keeps requiring a password when the site says it doesnt.

  4. None of the links in the discription work anymore exept for one of them which only has fake games and doesnt give you the actual game links. Not saying its a bad video, and the tood sites use to work. But please, anyone i just installed homebrew and custom firmware today and i need to have a link where i can get real 3ds game links that are ethier cia or rregular rom files. PLEASE HELP! I have looked around for a real link all day

  5. Thanks for the video! Could you make a video on how to set your own custom wallpapers for the 3ds someday?

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