Origami Pokeball that Opens! (no music) – Pokemon Go

[Intermediate] Fold a 3-D origami Pokeball from Pokemon Go! Complete with hinge and latch so it opens and closes. This model also works well as a spherical container or as 3-D Pacman. The hinge is quite strong but the latch is a bit fragile so don’t expect it to stay closed if you throw it (unless you reinforce it with tape). If you would like to fold an origami Pikachu to go inside your Pokeball here’s the tutorial:

If you would like to fold an inflatable Pokeball that you can throw, here’s the tutorial:

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If at any point in my tutorials you feel I’m going too fast, try using YouTube’s slow motion feature. To do this, press the little gear icon at the bottom right of the video screen, click on ‘normal’ and then click on the speed .50 or .25 . The cool part is that the pitch of the voice stays the same even though the video is slower.
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  1. Can you make mega rayquaza please make a video of that and make it with craft paper it is both side colour

  2. and I have to make this a present for my friend. And I have to give one to my cousin. And I have to… never mind.

  3. so cool my brother is into pokemon and i made this 4 him. He flipped. Thank you! (I also gave it to him because he was mad at me for stealing his… never mind.)

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