OVUS NOVA Is a Board Game Now! – (Turn Based)


  1. This was a nice experiment, but please don't throw Ovus Nova out of the window 😀

  2. The first move advantage would be really hard to balance with the exponential growth of the aliens. I don't really think that being turn-based help with getting into the game / understating it easier because it would be harder to explained than the real-time one. Also why didn't you play it PvE style like the game so far?

  3. I think you should try it with OVUS NOVA.
    If it isn't good you can change it anyway.
    Good Video!

  4. Maybe you can use one of the two concepts as minigame or a second gamemode as a multiplayer mode or something like that 😀 Both concepts are cool and what is the problem with making two gamemodes in your game? Maybe you have to learn more and it is a bit more confusing? I don't know 🙂

  5. I got a bit worried as I saw the title! For the same reasons as you mentioned (slows the game down, boring to watch)
    The game is definitely better as it is! (Very good idea nonetheless)
    But all your concepts (different enemys/walls/fog/zones) make a lot more sense in the existing game!;DD

    BTW Path Finding Part 2 somewhere near?? :O

  6. Damn, I have to admit that your title scared me a bit haha

  7. Ansich keine schlechte Idee. Vielleicht wäre eine Mischung aus Turnbased und dem Alten gut.

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