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Plants vs. Zombies 2, has officially received the FROSTBITE update and along with it, it brings 30 new levels.

Each one of them is designed with the beach as its basic scenario; but there are enough new elements in it to keep you asking for more and to enjoy the game like never before. The level design has been well done so that it goes in line with the usual garden defense style. However, being set in a beach gives a whole new appeal to the title and the game not only adds fresh maps, but the difficulty settings have been tweaked as well.

New Zombies and Plants

Apart from the sixteen new levels, they have introduced a bunch of four new plants to play with. Each one of them has a new set of weapons and shooters that makes it easier for you to defend your beach against zombies. At the same time, ample difficulty is added because the game now has six new zombies. It does sound unfair to introduce more zombies than plants, because it makes it difficult for you to survive. Yet, with the right skills and strategic placement of your plants you will surely be able to win each level but with some difficulty.

Bikini Zombie

The funniest and the interesting addition of them all is the bikini zombie. While a zombie is never going to look hot with its skeletons and gross appearance, Plants vs. Zombies 2, does know how to poke fun at their own characters. They have done a great job of keeping the fun element alive in the new additional levels which will keep you gaming for more hours than necessary and will easily addict you to the beaches.

Another interesting piece of change is the game’s ability to change its shape and overall game play difficulty based on the high as well as the low tide. You have to be really careful and watch out for these tides as they decide whether you win or lose the game, if you are not too careful. There’s an additional mini game named the Bowling Bulb which will provide you additional hours of fun and given all these combined together, the Big Wave Beach update is a worthy one to take note of. Make sure you download it and give it a try. If you love Plants vs. Zombies, you are sure to enjoy these new levels indefinitely.

Still playing Plants vs. Zombies 2?

Well, here is a reason to pick it up again. There is a fresh new update in the works following the “Big Wave Beach” update and “Frostbit Caves″

With an icy new terrain, you’ll notice several differences including arctic zombies, chilly winds, and new plants such as the Pepperpult. You’ll also notice the lawnmowers have been replaced by beavermowers.

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  2. Honestly the first game was the best ever and I could play it over and over plus the graphics were good and the plants were simple so was the shop and it was all based off a normal 2000s suburban home

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  6. Viewing this 5 years later feels weird as to how much PvZ 2 has changed

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