Random Duos With A Sexy Gamer Girl On Fortnite *Gone Wrong*

lil skit wit a thottie
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  1. That bitch is thirsty she called u daddy wtf it reminds me of blueface “she call me daddy I don’t even know her momma”

  2. This is fake, u can see they aren't talking in Fortnite. They are in discord or another way of talking cause I can see in the top left the Fortnite mics are being used

  3. Bruh I got into a random game like this but she was freaky af Like she kept calling me daddy and she asked if I had a girlfriend and like I was freaking out so I blocked but she made another account and sent me a friend request on the other account and she wouldn’t stop telling me to be her boyfriend

  4. LOL that girl for thumbnail is a Instagram model LOL

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