Recover photos and videos from iphone backup in windows and mac without any software

this video shows how to recover photos and videos from iphone backup in windows without use of any external software

for contacts ,messages, call history ,whatsapp messages other stuff watch this

command for windows : ren *.* *.(file extension ex: jpg, mp4)

for mac follow these instructions :
1.Open iTunes. Click iTunes in the menu bar, then choose Preferences.
2.Click Devices.
3.Control-click the backup that you want, then choose Show in Finder.
4.In search bar type “” and copy all files to another folder (ex. backup).
Note: please copy to another folder so that if anything goes wrong we have a backup of backup.
5. Now right click on the folder(the folder where you copied all the files) and select “services” and select “New terminal at folder”.
6. Type “for i in *; do mv “$i” “$i.mp4″; done” without first and last quotes for videos.
” for i in *; do mv “$i” “$i.jpg”; done” without first and last quotes for images. and press enter.
7.Boom there you go. you have all the images/videos in that folder.

Some people are experience issues not able to view image and videos even after doing this method here is the fix in windows.

1. Select and right click the current folder .
2. goto properties .
3. goto security tab select users and click advanced.
4. select permissons tab select Users .
5. if you see Disable permissions button on below click and select the first option and click apply and ok.
6. Thats it go back to your folder and you see all your images.

Please read all the comments and replies before posting your problem.

If my work solves your problems then comment down below and let me know.

For some people my backup doesnt work may be its due to encrypted backups in that case go for alternative softwares like ibackupviewer which is free and there are lot of paid ones which provides more features.


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  1. Hello dost,,,i am not able to do this ,,,as you told ,,,so can you guide me,,i will pay you fees

  2. Bro, do you have another possible way of extracting music from backup data in pc, as through this process music files aint opening.
    help will be much appreciated

  3. After following all the instruction im unable to see thumbnail or windows cant open the file, any solution??

  4. its working i love how someone next to you is watching some One Piece xd

  5. i'm waiting to transfer in usb 1 hour and i wait to see if i can save my video that i delete in iphone but also got a backup in my computer

  6. plz tell how to download the audio recordings ??? how to extract them??

  7. Hi.
    Thanks a lot. This worked absolutely well. I have two queries: a) Is there a better way to convert only original .jpg files to .jpg instead of all files getting converted in the same format. b) Can you help me in retrieving whatsapp chats in the similar way? what will the extension for chats or messages in iphone?

  8. Thanks for this video… I used ibackup viewer but I have hidden photos … I only able to see then in the app but once I export them it couldn’t be seen ? Any solution?

  9. Hi Mate,
    Is it possible to recover the songs from this method or is there other format to do. Can you please help with this.

  10. HELP! When I type in Ren . .jpg it turns all my files into jpg, and when I do Ren *. *.mp4 it turns all my files in the folder to mp4! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  11. For encrypted backup, use ibackupviewer software. If you dont remember your backup password, try with iphone passcode or pc login password.

  12. This is not working after searching . and copy and pasting is not happening in my PC. I tried in different PC's so far and it's not working. Appreciate if you help me to retrieve the data.

  13. Hello! I did everything as you said and also did disable permission (there is only disable inheritance in my pc. Is it the same?) and still I cannot see my photos or videos. Please help me.

    Also, my backup cannot be restored and it said corrupted files. Is there any relation to being unable to see photos?

    Thank you in advance

  14. iCloud Recovery✅ Just recovered my iPhone Messages and photos😃. Contact trusted I.T expert on Whatsapp +1(201)201-1042 Instagram: @pro_carl or starkbrian5@gmailcom. It was worth it.

  15. So do I do this for my deactivated iphone 7 after I have factory reset it?

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