Remove iCloud Turn off Find my phone for all iPhone and iPad Open menu (Active Menu) with Proxy

Method working Open menu, not work hello screen or bypassed …
1. Use 3utools get UDID send me for register, services need payment not free…

+ Contact me WhatApps: +84948.053.789 (only chat, don’t call)
+ Full bypass GSM devices no MEID with Signal (if have MEID no Signal)
+ Turn off FMI iphone disable and passocde model 6s to X iOS 13
+ Turn off FM Remove iCloud for iPhone Active Menu with Proxy – all ipad, iphone, all ios
+Cheap price for bulk

* Music in video: Psychic_Magic


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  1. Gratis Step 1: Download iFinder and install then login the program

    Login details :
    – Username : gx9804
    – Password : ki#726

    Step 2: Change the IP address to connect Apple Server.
    You need change the IP address on your computer. 
    – Your IP address :

    Step 3: Restore by iTunes or 3UTools  ( Skip for Apple Watch )
    Step 4: Connect your Devices to your PC  
    For iPhone/ iPad/ iPod
    – DFU Mode , Recovery Mode
    For Apple Watch
    Pair to an iPhone then connect iPhone to Computer

    Step 5: Stay connect then put information
     – IMEI 
     – SERIAL 

    Step 6: Veryfly your deivce and click button "Start" To Unlock your device. 
    Step 7: Waiting your device reboot ( Usually 10-25 minutes)   

    Note : if you don’t change IP or change IP fail, You can’t connect server then your device will don’t reboot or you can’t get code verification from Server.  Upgrade Gold ID if you need help.

  2. @hackscott on telegram is one the best icloud remover I got my iPhone X max unlocked

  3. I recommend Gellyhacker on Instagram he helped me unlocked my device my phone have been locked for a year now I never believe my I phone can be bypass through the help of Gellyhacker on Instagram

  4. Hello sir ur iCloud bypass tool v1.0.4 hello bypass screen not working .. please fix this problem to bypass hello screen

  5. after i baypass using your file, icant sign in the AppStore and icloud how to fix it?

  6. After doing all…should we send you the imei no. Or it will off automatic ally..after a mean time..!!!

  7. hyy broo haw to bypss i phone 7 plus ios 14.0.1 checkri1n no udate pls tale me new chackri1n update date

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