Restoration destroyed phone | Restore iPhone 6+ | Rebuild broken phone

Restoration destroyed phone | Restore iPhone 6+ | Rebuild broken phone
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  1. Me: losing every pieces
    This guy: insert piece end of video typing numbers easily
    Me: what the-😲

  2. Apple: don't replace parts of phones with parts of other pho-
    This guy: power X battery go brrbbrr

  3. My phone is probably terrified knowing that this is probably his cousin being disected and being fixed xD

  4. My phone got broke like this and i just threw it away😭 i wish there was someone in my city who knows how to fix phones like this !

  5. Wow! Can you restore my phone? Its not broken I just want you to restore it 🤣

  6. This dude should come up with a new phone model he's a genius i can't beleve he rememberd EVERY SONGLE PIECE my brain almost broke

  7. Lol you guys this isn’t that hard 😂 I would be impressed if he did that with a pixel 2 or 3

  8. My cousin's phone had a little accident in a reclining chair, it got crushed ,the screen bended but her brother fixed it thankfully and it looked liked it was new.

  9. I just wanna know if this dude got PAID to do this, cause he just basically made a new phone for this person-

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