Review: Apple iPhone 4 (White, 8GB)

Here ya go, a review of my iPhone 4. I love the iPhone, great cell phone. One more thing about the battery: battery life varies because I use my iPhone differently almost every time. Sometimes I can get it to run down in almost 1 day, other times it can last 4-6 days. So the battery has definitely been improved over the 3GS.


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  1. nice video bro…. but that cam just hang in there
    anyways love 4m India… i bought an se (my 1st iPhone & that also in 2017) what u susing now 🙂

  2. I just got a refurbed 4.  It's my first iphone & really first phone that's closer to what most people use (I've stayed with neanderthal types).  QUESTION:  I can't find a camera button/icon anywhere. Please advise. Thanks.

  3. In an Apple store, I tested my iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.3 against new phones, And my 4S was faster than a 5c on iOS 8 !!!

  4. So I'm getting an iPhone 5c pink 8gb. Would 8gb be enough for 1000 photos , 20 apps , 500 contacts ……..

  5. I know this video was a while back but could someone please tell me why alot of people get whit3 and not black black makes your screen look bigger

  6. Just bought a iPhone 4 running Ios 6.0.1, so I'm not gonna update it. Ios 7 And ios 8 is just ugly lol. Tim cook just had to fuck it up huh

  7. I have 3 iphone with 3 difeerent memory available HOWWWWw???
    8 16 and 32 gb ??????????????? i hate this phone ……..on first iphone (8gb) you can see in settings  6.1 capacity and 6.3 available WTFFFFFFF ????

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