Review webgame 3D Fairy Tail HD 720p


  1. and now this game work? I 've downloaded it and could not play anymore . This game is also popular in my country ( Vietnam ) and the Vietnamese version , which is 4 months ago and now it has stopped working , then , is that right or not , but I think they both versions China , too . I have found all the pages Wed Game with Game and as a result it has stopped working completely , no longer in a page Wed anymore !

  2. its FUN but highly un-addicting, unfortunatly it falls into my catagory of only play if bored because its practically one of those games where you just lvl up way too easy, after practically every few quest, NOT much choice at all with class or look, you just run on and on to nxt location, next quest, next location, next quest, very boring. this game really needs to be shut down cos clearly its made by con-artists looking to make bucks out of people who love this anime, like me, SO BE WARNED it's just very much PAY TO WIN like all the other games like this, it's a damn shame really cos its a nice fun game, AND ITS FAIRY TALE, but it just had to go and be spoilt by money hungry game design freaks.. >.<

  3. ses bon laisse faire jai réussi avec un traducteur Google….merci pour le jeu ^^!!

  4. svp tu pourrais m'expliquer comment faire pour siniscrire et télécharger car ses en je ses pas trop quelle langue…xD…..merci de me répondre des que possible! 😀

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