RIP iPhone 5 – iOS 6 vs 10 Final Speed Test


  1. on my iPhone 5c, the phone im currently using since its my first phone, when i restart it it doesn't have the new white background and black apple logo like the iPhone 5 does… its iOS 10.3.3 just like the iPhone 5

  2. I bought an iPhone 5. My older sister upgraded to iOS 9.0.3
    Due to that my iPhone crashed and never was turned on cannot be fixed.

    She blamed me for that, iOS 6 was better.

  3. Filip, You should send me all of your iPhone 6's I am going to chunk them at this kid who keeps calling me a fag

  4. It was interesting to do this with phones to the 5s. After, it’s not cool unless it’s a speedtest. Although i believe that removing skeuomorphism was a big misstep and should be reverted very soon, I think videos like this are very cool. I very much wish apple would allow us to use our original firmwares on our devices and all IPSW files would be signed. Unfortunate apple is strict though. I want an iphone 5 on ios 6 in slate, because it was the prefect phone in my opinion with that pair. I remember thinking “That thing’s huge!” thinking of one. When I saw one, I was hooked, but never had one. I hope I can do it someday, and I will try. 2012 was steve’s last planned out year and I loved it, even without him. I apologise for the blab, but I needed someone to know how I feel of this phone, yep a phone!

  5. iPhone 5 is my favorite iPhone. iOS 10 is sometimes a bit laggy on iPhone 5 but I think it’s really fast

  6. make one for the 6 and 5s they are both discontinued now
    damm i miss the iPhone 5 to be honest the mate black iPhone 5 is my favorite iPhone ever

  7. my dad still has his iphone 5 on ios 6… we tried to persuade him to update but he refused

  8. iOS 10 COMPLETELY murdered my 5, it was the laggiest piece of technology i ever used to the point i was forced to upgrade to the 7

  9. I think u should do a speed test comparison of iphone 7 plus ios 10 vs ios 13 or 14.
    I would very much like to see that difference🤤
    Original firmware vs the latest difference

  10. Thankfully, it didn’t support iOS 11 because it would’ve been the worst phone because of software bugs.

  11. I found my old iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and was just about to upgrade it to iOS 10 lol now I'm rethinking it

  12. The only thing they kept in steve job's vision is the clock placement on the status bar..

  13. That will fail in 2037 because it is 32 bit and they can only process for dates 2037 years so y2k 2037

  14. Because it has more app I think that cause the 10 to be delay… Bobo

  15. I hate the new layouts and icons of ios7-12 !
    ios7-12 it’s hard to find prober wallpaper

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