Rose Gold iPhone 6s Unboxing!

Rose Gold iPhone 6s Unboxing!

Hey Guys, in this video Daniel takes a quick look and unboxes the iPhone 6s in Rose Gold!

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Intro- Tobu & Itro – Holiday

‘Holiday’ on iTunes:

Outro: Sugar High- Approaching Nirvana

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  1. The Dude With The IPhone: Oooooo Satisfying
    Me:*Gets A New Phone And Tries The Satisfying* I did It and It's Not Satisfying

  2. Bro He came with air pods wooaahhh I'm in confusion

    Edit: nvm There Not Airpods 😂😅

  3. That a fake one apple don’t rap them up like that and he didn’t get the stickers

  4. I am going to get a 6s on Christmas yeyyyyyyy i am soooooo excited 💜💜💜💜

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