Rose Gold iPhone SE 4200mAh Battery Case from Ecpow


The powerful 4200mAh Rechargeable External Battery all-round comprehensive bumper design and hard-shell back plate protects your phone from drops and scratches.
High capacity Li-polymer battery doubles your run time without adding unnecessary bulk yet small and convenient enough to fit easily in your hand or in your pocket.
With cut-out for the camera, and easy access to all buttons and switches without having to take the battery case off.
Power-saving on/off switch conserves available battery . LED indicators show available battery power at a glance. Data Sync available.
Built-in protective circuit board, avoid short circuit, over charging, over heating.

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  1. That kickstand was built into the case, it's wasn't unintentional, or a side effect of anything except design.

  2. When the power case already run out and you charge it with cable while the power case is intact with it , will the power case lose it quality ? since the power case is still intact with the phone and we charge it the current will charge the power case instead of the phone alone. then the power case auto charge the phone. Sory kinda complicated what im trying to say. It going to be like this current flow to – power case – phone so when the power case going to refill it power ?

  3. DON'T BUY THIS! MY friend got the same case and within 2 months, the cover of the bottom came off! If you still don't understand where it is, 11:42. The part on the bottom of the case where it is flashing with lights. It is a cheap plastic cover that came off. It can still work, but makes a really big risk of taking it out because you might drop it. and then potentially break the case.

  4. What is u plug a Lightning cable into the USB then the port on the case

  5. I bought the case and so far so good though I got it in black to go with my space grey SE. The user manual is hilarious. The worst translation from Chinese to English 😂

  6. is it easy to put the case on and off the phone? cause i would not keep my iphone in that battery case when i don't need it, it looks ugly

  7. I used something similar and it last longer if I keep the external battery charging the phone battery until its all depleted. I tried using it with the batter was low and the charging didn't last longer. I've read that charging the phone when it's in 10 percent or less takes more power to charge, and also charging the battery near 90% or more takes longer as well.

  8. that's looks pretty cheap quality, but then again it is haha. btw don't you like small phones? I just got the Galaxy a3 2016 and it rocks (coming from a lg g3)

  9. I use SE at work and I noticed it's battery is holding up much much better than iPhone 6. Perfect thing for one handed use

  10. There's a PowerBear branded black case that has the exact same specs and looks except it's available in black, blue, pink, white, and yellow for $32.

  11. What does it take for someone to have a review model of a product to be sent out to them? I wish to start a tech channel in the future, but as a student I don't think I will have a lot of spare cash lying around to just buy models to review.

  12. did you ever do a video like this on the note 4 and ps love your stuff

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