S3E7 Game of Thrones: You know nothing, Ygritte

Scene from S3E7 – The Bear and The Maiden Fair, Game of Thrones.
Ygritte is such a douche, throughout the season we’ve heard her point out how “Jon Snow know s nothing”, but to think that it actually was the other way around. Shame on you Ygritte, shame on you.


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  1. I love their chemistry they are super cute with each other those are my relationship goals. I love how she made jon a better man; I didn't like jon after her death it wasn't this jon snow anymore 😓

  2. Olly I had mixed feelings about you and this made me dislike you
    And than you shived your boss and I lost all respect and was really ok with your death and then forgot about you entirely…
    What was I talking about…oh ya

  3. You know going back and watching the days you can actually see the real chemistry between those two before they got married

  4. Fate is so unfair. Jon Snow should have got to see Ygritte in a silk dress

  5. Always had a thing for red heads. Started in 5th grade. I'm happy they married in real life.

  6. Ygritte was awesome… tough, playful and fiery. As great as she is with Jon, I just feel like she wouldn't ultimately be a good partner for him though. Not sure she'd be a great partner for anyone. She is the kinda gal that should stay single until she's fifty.

  7. Season 3: You know nothing, Jon Snow.
    Season 8: You still know nothing, Jon Snow.

  8. morer real than that unnecesaary forced cringeworthy relationship b/w dany and jon. Back when got has good!

  9. friend: if you could save one characte-
    Me: Ygritte…
    friend: I didn’t fin-
    Me: doesn’t matter, I choose Ygritte…

  10. If she was a male character, she would have been corrected constantly, made to look ridiculous, taken down a notch for ignorance and mansplaining. Now she's "cute", instead. It's played as endearing that she's so close minded and cocky.

  11. The only couple I really wish should have married in GOT. But thankfully they married in real life. Lol

  12. All I can think about when they are in each other's face how their breath must "stank" all to be damned!!!😲

  13. One more season to see some love growing between Jon and Dany (as Jon and Ygritte) and probably i would´ve felt even more how GOT ended.

  14. Ygritte was ready to choose Jon when he refused to kill the farmer… if only it couldve happened that way 😭

  15. These two have such steamy moments. If I was one of the writers I would write that they both stay alive to the very end.

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