Samurai Warriors 2 Empires – Gameplay


  1. Hi can anyone please tell me which dynasty warriors or samurai warriors game is similar to samurai warriors 2 empires. Because I 100% love samurai warriors 2 empires

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  3. Fuck this give me nostalgic feeling,see people comment from 8 years ago is crazy

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    oflrfj LUBU! 😲

  5. Can you play SW2 empires co-op offline and go through the main mode and free mode?? Does this game have all the characters from SW2 and more for this version of the game? Will I get to know different clans and characters and see which characters I like and don't like in dynasty warriors games??

  6. Hey should i get this game ? I played/beaten SW2 and SW2XL and im thinking of completing it by getting SW2 Empires.

  7. I have gold weapons for the other ninja and now I dont have it,it is scratched the disk I wish i can get a new one :/ but nvm

  8. buy a new on ebay gamestop or amazon but if you wanna have more fun buy sengoku basara 2 hereos or the english version devil kings with lesser charachters but still good

  9. let me translate: i've been looking for this a long time. my samurai warriors 2 broke, someone please find me one.
    (P.S. = tome cuidado ao usar o google tradutor)

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