Screen Mirroring with iPhone (Wirelessly – No Apple TV Needed)


  1. Guys if you have Chromecast you can get an app that actually works!! Reply back if you want the name of the app :))

  2. Such an idiot try making money with a stupid useless video. I am not sure you make money but you get bullies.

  3. Damn, I understood NOTHING! You better start visiting some expression classes, as you suck with your explanations!

  4. Bullshit nonsense and it will not help us. Blah blah, we’re watching nonesense video

  5. This was a useless video. You say (without Apple TV) but proceed to show us instructions using an AppleTV.

  6. Eu não falo inglês 🤦🏻‍♀️💔 agora n consigo mesmo kkkkk mas vlw

  7. Why is everyone mad y’all just dumb cause y’all can’t figure it out by yourselves. The guy or lady in this video is just trying to help.

  8. Was about to watch video until I saw it had wayyyyyy more dislikes than likes🤦‍♂️

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