Snail Bob 5 Full Game Walkthrough All Levels

Love is in the air for the world’s most famous snail. Help Bob in this fun sequel to make his way through each stage to the exit to win his beloved heart. Much fun with Snail Bob 5!

Snail Bob 5 is an addicting puzzle game. Play it here on in your browser for free. This terrific puzzle game is made with Flash to run flawlessly in modern browsers. Snail Bob 5

Bob needs a new home. Use various tools to bring cute snail to its destination and to escort him through the journey of levels. The game is played with the mouse. When you click on Bob, he stops. If you click again, he crawls on. If you want to know any further, check the bottom of the tab on solution! Snail Bob is going to have the fifth very interesting and addictive adventure with you!

The Snail Bob 5 has a long history with previous many versions. As you can get from the number of the version this is the fifth one and you can play also the old but gold versions. In this chapter, Snail Bob is going to Egypt where he will have many adventures and traps. So, you should be very careful to the nature and the enemies!

One day, Snail Bob saw a poster while passing jungle. He fall in love with snail the singer who is shown in poster, and he started off. It won’t be easy to find snail the singer. Do you want to help the Snail Bob to protect him from dangerous things wait for him in this adventure?

Having the game is loaded, click on “PLAY” button to proceed main menu. Click on “PLAY” button in main menu and select a level. If it is your first time, you need to start playing from the first chapter of the game. Game controls are the following:

Function: “MOUSE”
Turn around: “1”
Speed Up: “2”

Here is few tips about the game. By clicking on red buttons in chapters, you can open a door or you can move objects. If you click on Bob, he will stop. Wild animals, gaps, lakes kill Bob which is why, be careful. There are three stars hidden in levels. The more you collect stars, the more point you get. Also, you are going to gain right to play four mini games under favour of stars that you collect.

During the game, you can go back to main menu, you can restart the current level and you can mute or unmute the game sounds by clicking from left to right on buttons located lower-left side of the game screen. For the other chapters of Snail Bob game series, please don’t forget to browse our web site. We wish you luck!

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