SOL Review – with Tom Vasel


  1. For those who compares “Sol” and “Tobago” – these are absolutely different games, I can’t choose the best one, I’d love to have both 😍

  2. I've been contemplating buying Tobago (if I can find it) for quite a while now. Now with this in mind, which should I go with?

  3. Hi, we are not the designer but the publisher, and as we worked quite a long time on development with Pierre on this one, we can try to give you some quick thoughts about the fighting system. First of all we totally understand that the level of luck that the game involves in combat resolution is something that can divide players, and we certainly won't try to persuade that the choices that we made here should fit to everyone 's taste and perception. Once we settled on this straightforward system that we thought the game was needing for the purpose of its pace with a high level of players (because its main specificity remains to provide something a bit different that you can usually find for up to eight players), we came with this die repartition because out of all repartitions that we tried (and we tried a lot of them), it felt like the best balance to us between of course having abilities impact the odds (and with 0-1-2-2-3-4 we think that being stronger than your opponent still definitely does), but still getting something that we think necessary for this game to tell its story : a remaining hope of breaking the odds, which allows for an unexpected situation to happen. To us, engaging a fight whose winner would already been known for sure in a given situation is just not fun in such a game. (still, don't want to convince that it was the best choice among all possible choices that we could have considered for this game).


  4. Soooooo, what house rule changes could be made to make it a fantastic game? Why wait for the designer to see if he'll propose the changes when we can do it ourselves! What are your thoughts Tom?

  5. I think I prefer Tobago which also has nice components.

  6. Wow. With characters' combat skill going only to 3, who thought making the die range 0-4 was a good idea!?

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