Sonic Smash Brothers BETA…

This game was um…something.

►Sonic Smash Bros:
►Sponsored by GFuel!
►Console Capture Card: Elgato HD60S
►Microphone: Audio Technica AT2020
►Webcam: Logitech c922
►Editing Software: Vegas Pro 13

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  1. What's the soundtrack used for practice mode called?
    Been looking everywhere but I just can't find it.

  2. I remember I learned how to whistle inwards by accident while playing this game on the hidden palace level

  3. My childhood I used to rock cream until I found out the cheats

  4. This game, along with the Smash Flash games, were my childhood when it comes to Flash games.

    Too bad this one sucked…

  5. OMG I Laughed so hard watching this video… thank you for bringing even more joy to a game I made 12 years ago now. If it's any wonder, i'd love for you to try and unlock everything – maybe me being biased cos its my game and all but your brand of humour is funny AF!… again, thank you. It was a pleasure to watch (and see all the flaws in the game that have literally plagued my inbox with complaints for years).

  6. Someone please tell me who made this remix of Big Arms theme in this game.

  7. I remember this. It’s like SSF1, but at least SSF1 became SSF2

  8. You can cheat with amy if you use the homing attack with her then hold the upper arrow and spacebar and if ya want u can even move around using the left and right keys ez wins ngl

  9. I always put in the cheat codes for the characters

  10. I used to play this and SSF1 all the time when I was younger lmao

  11. This brings me back so much memories seeing this game again after 10+ more years since I’ve last played this game.

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